Imperial Osetra Sturgeon Caviar


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Please note: Caviar is shipped within the USA only.

  • Direct Import
  • Preparation: Fresh
  • Caviar Grade: 000 (Best)
  • Unopened Shelf Life: 8 weeks
  • Storing: Cold Refrigerated
  • Shipping: Product is perishable and will be shipped via FedEx Overnight

The real deal.
Fresh. Never Frozen. This is genuine Caviar. From a real sturgeon.
Not pasteurized, “fake caviar” or roe from other fish like many other sellers have online.
Don’t be mislead by these short, nondescript listings.

Tasting Notes:

Our most scarce Caviar. Named for its superiority and exclusiveness, Imperial Golden Osetra Caviar Malossol was selected for kings. Its golden pearls, smooth buttery taste with a hint of hazelnut, and fresh crisp aroma of the sea are enough to make anyone’s mouth salivate. Only 10% of production is graded as “Imperial” after being carefully selected based on pearl size, texture, and flavor. This is an impressive Caviar selection set aside for the most discerning Gourmands and Royalty.  If you have yet to try our Imperial Osetra Caviar, you are in for a treat. We are a leading source for the Highest Grade Imperial Osetra Caviar. Processed in the best Caspian traditions, our Imperial Osetra has a salt level content of 3%, which makes it a true “Malossol”. The word “Malossol” originates from Russian language and means “little salt”. Every jar is carefully chosen and packed by our specialist to meet the most demanding standards of fine caviar.

10 things you need to know about Caviar:

1. Real caviar ONLY COMES FROM A STURGEON. Not trout, lumpfish, salmon, whitefish or any other kind of fish.
2. The top 3 varieties of Sturgeon caviar are: Beluga, Osetra and Sevruga. The type of caviar or breed of fish should be clearly labeled on the jar. It should NOT just say “Caviar” or “Malossol”
3. Real caviar is a true delicacy and DOES NOT TASTE FISHY like it’s inferior counterparts and fakes.
4. If you have had caviar before and it smelled or tasted fishy then, plainly put: IT WASN’T GENUINE CAVIAR.
High quality Sturgeon caviar has a buttery, nutty, slightly salty and delicate taste that is just too complex and too subtle to describe. It is fabulous, and pairs perfectly with fine wines and champagnes.
5. Shelf life of caviar is 6 – 9 weeks only. If you see a product with a shelf life longer than that, it has been pasteurized…aka cooked slightly to extend shelf life. This ruins the texture and flavor of the roe.
6. If it comes in a can, then it is definitely either pasteurized or fake. Real caviar comes in a jar.
7. Caviar should NEVER be frozen. Period.
8. Harvesting caviar from sturgeon in the Caspian Sea has temporarily been BANNED due to overfishing. Most of the caviar seen today is from sustainable farm raised fish. If you see someone selling wild Caspian Caviar then it has either been ILLEGALLY HARVESTED, WAS FROZEN YEARS AGO OR IS FAKE.
9. The word “Malossol” on caviar simply means “little salt” in Russian. Before home refrigerators existed, caviar was over-salted to preserve it, which ruined it’s flavor and texture. The word “Malossol” referred to only the best caviar, which had not been overly salted. Today, the word is put on every can or jar, and IS NOT synonymous with good quality. To see the word “Malossol” on caviar simply means it is between 3%-5% salt. That’s it.
10. Genuine high grade caviar is overnight shipped ONLY. If you see someone offering ground shipping, or states that their product is shelf stable at room temperature then it is NOT REAL.

Note on Shipping Charges:

Regardless of what shipping method you use at checkout, Caviar is shipped with overnight shipping.

Shipping charges are high…and I apologize…but the cooler and cool-packs alone that the caviar is shipped in costs over $10.00.

Please be available to accept the package. Caviar cannot sit out in the heat.

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1 oz., 2 oz., 4 oz., 8 oz., 1 lb.