Aromabar Premium Edition 60 pc. Wine Essence Aromas. A ‘Must-Have’ Wine Tasting Tool!


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This is the absolute best purchase you can make if you plan on exploring the world of wines. 

“Aromabar is an ‘incredibly’ valuable tool for the wine expert.” – Bernhard Kirsten / Mosel, one of the Top 100 winemakers in Germany.

“Aromabar is a MUST if you want to train your nose. I used Aromabar for years for my wine tastings and trainings.” – Roland Birr, Enology

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Many people focus on the taste of wines. However, the more involved you get in the world of wine tasting, the more you will understand that your sense of smell and the ability to immediately detect and differentiate different wine aromas is the key to becoming a world renown wine taster and critic, rather than its taste.

Not only is it enjoyable to detect all of the gorgeous fruity, floral, woody and spicy notes in wine, but it is equally important to be able to detect wine flaws. Wine flaws typically affect individual bottles, and usually other bottles are perfect. Picture this: You order a nice $300 bottle of wine at a restaurant. The waiter uncorks the bottle and pours you a sample. Simply by a quick sniff, wouldn’t you love to be able to identify the wine is faulty and instantly send it back for another bottle that’s perfect? You would be surprised how many people cannot identify such fault aromas. They would accept the bottle, assuming that is how it is supposed to taste/smell. They may never order that particular wine again…without ever having tasted the wine as it was truly meant to be.

This set of wine aromas is divided into categories. Those categories are:

White Wine. (12) Fruity aromas predominate in white wine.

Red Wine. (12) Contains a wide range of aromas.

Oaked Wine. (12) Wines are influenced when aged in oak barrels.

Wine Faults. (12) These are the cause of off-aromas.

Specialties. (12) Fascinating aromas in certain wines.

Also included is a detailed manual which indexes all of the different aromas, and what types of grapes/wine typically exhibit such smells.

Working with the vials is quite simple: open the vial, smell and try to name the aroma. By comparing these aromas with the aromas in wine, you´ll have fun quickly training your sense of smell and thus your taste as well. I find it’s a lot of fun to have a group of people over and quiz each other, then open a few bottles of wine and apply what you’ve learned.

The wooden box comes with a removable wood lid to easily display the entire collection at once. 2 wide elastic bands keeps it closed.

Box measures 23-3/8″ x 13-1/8″ x 2-1/2″ high.


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