2022 Williams Selyem Russian River Valley Pinot Noir


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Tasting Notes:

Winemaker Notes:

Sourced from a multitude of sites scattered throughout the appellation, this expressive wine brings together unique and individual flavor profiles to provide a balanced and 360 degree perspective on the Russian River Valley. Red fruits, red and purple flowers, hints of English Breakfast tea wrap up with the woodsy, earthy side of Pinot Noir. Highlights of fennel and fresh herbs add an additional layer of interest and intrigue to the aromatics. Firmer in texture and tannin, the palate is saturated with red fruits and citrus flavors. The interplay of the acidity and tannin helps to stretch the palate out to give length. Allow this wine to develop a few years to reach its full potential.

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Always stored on it’s side in a climate controlled cellar since release.


Perfect condition.