2021 Casa Piena Estate Cabernet Sauvignon, Yountville


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Ratings & Tasting Notes:

Single-vineyard in the heart of Yountville – owned by former 49ers CEO and 5-time Super Bowl winner, Carmen Policy.

Vineyard managed by Jim Barbour and wine made by 25+ time 100-point winemaker, Thomas Rivers Brown.

“This vintage exhibits a remarkable amount of dark-fruited concentration and earthy complimentary structure. Typically, the Casa Piena wines lean more towards red-fruited character on the palate, however this year we discover a different set of aromatic and palate notes to keep us engaged and intrigued. Whether this is the result of concurrent drought years or the vines developing with age, the finished result in the glass is absolutely stunning.

The 2021 Casa Piena exhibits a dark purple hue, with a violet rim. A robust wave of aromatic notes suggest licorice, clove, spearmint and loam. The palate trajectory is defined by a mouth-coating array of opulent flavors that include blackberry reduction, cassis, cinnamon, pine bough and river rock. This is a complete wine that offers a wealth of enjoyment today. With a handful of years in the cellar it will continue to unfurl and reveal even more layers as the years go on.” — Thomas Brown, Wine Maker

Bottle Size:

750 mL

Storage History:

Stored on it’s side in a climate controlled cellar since purchase.


Perfect condition.