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Cult Wines International
Cult Wines International is small family owned and operated business on the coast of southwest Florida.
Our business started simply as a passion for wine. Over time, our personal wine collection grew, as did our affinity for rare collectibles and investment grade oenological gems. During the course of our wine collecting, we learned that there were major issues in the fine wine business, and we knew we could do better.
We were frustrated with wine websites showing stock photos and inaccurate inventory. We also didn’t agree with brokers sending random vintage substitutions for unavailable vintages. Additionally, too many wine brokers wait weeks to ship, or don’t offer cool packs in the summer time. We knew we could do better.
So, in 2011 we decided to create our own business. We wanted to focus on only the world’s finest & rarest wines. We took our previous frustrations and applied it to our new business. So here are our top 5 commitments to you:
1. We will show photographs of each and every wine we sell. You will receive the exact bottle shown in the photographs on our listings, or one in the exact same condition. (This is especially important for wines 30+ years and older)
2. We WILL NOT substitute vintages. Vintage matters. A 1981 Lafite is not the same as a 1982. We get it.  
3. We will ship your order right away. Packed properly and safely. Please see our “Shipping & Returns” section for shipping times. 
4. ALL of our wines are kept in perfect conditions. Most companies only keep the “expensive stuff” in the wine cellar and everything else out at room temperature or worse. NOT USOur wines are stored on their side in complete darkness and complete silence at 55° F and 60-70% relative humidity until they are shipped and sent to you. Additionally, our cellar cooling units are on backup generators in the event of power failure. 
5. We will be here to help and be as responsive as possible. We understand that not everyone is an oenophile, and there are far too many pretentious people in the wine business. If you have a question, please ask us. The only stupid question is the one left unanswered. 
It is important to know that we are an internet-only based business. We have no store-front. This keeps our overheads low and our selection exclusive. Our mailing address is only for shipments. All of our wine is kept safely off-site.
Separate from our inventory, we are always looking to expand our own personal wine collection and we buy rare wines from all over the world. So if you have some rare wine you’d like to sell please let us know.
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We hope you love our website and selection. May you all have a blessed and fruitful oenological adventure.